HypermaticTM System

Automatic Chemical and Metal Delivery System

As  the leader in the Art and Science of Mechanical Plating and Galvanizing,  PS&T has developed an automatic chemical and metal delivery system for the mechanical plater/galvanizer.  This system is being developed to provide an economically justifiable automatic system.

Features, Advantages, and Benefits

   n Utilizes PS&T's proprietary, patented HyperFlowTM Slurry System

             Providing a Smoother Deposit

                        With Less Part-to-Part Variation

   n Reduces labor content

   n Assures consistency from run-to-run

   n Reduces operator exposure to chemicals and metal dusts

   n Integrated with PS&T Electronic Run Card


This system uses as  an Industrial Workstation with Touchscreen and Membrane Keypad.  This takes input  from a 4 x 4 or 4 x 6 digital platform scale with an RS-232 connection, and provides up to 16  channels of digital output from a digital output card.  The software developed by Plating Systems controls  the pump(s), agitators and valves.    Solenoids, agitators and pumps are controlled with Solid State Relays (SSR's).  The software can use files generated by PS&T's  Electronic  Run  Card, which provides an accurate "recipe" for mechanical plating and/or mechanical galvanizing.

Because this system operates digitally (not with metering pumps or timers), the deliveries obtained are much more  consistent and reliable.

The computer can run in a fully automatic mode,  or in a mode requiring operator intervention at each key step to assure  that the parts are correctly prepared for the addition of chemicals and metal slurry.

If  required or desired,  the computer can also be bypassed, and the chemicals can be delivered by manually operating  the  pumps  through control panel switch - operated solenoids controlling double-diaphragm pump(s) and solenoids.

The  system has been developed to provide delivery of up to six liquid products - acid,  PS&T Brand Starter Concentrate (or 200-series Starter Chemical), 300-series coppering compound, 400-series Promoter  (one-part or two part), and one or two  HyperFlow metal slurries.

System Components
l     Digital Scale
l     Scale Controller with Display
l     Computer
l     Digital Input/Output Boards
l     Control Panel
l     Pumps
l     Solenoids
l     Software and Programs

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